Putting Up With Heavy Metal

Sea campion (Silene uniflora) is predominantly a coastal species. In several locations throughout the UK, this species has colonised and adapted to the highly toxic soils produced by mining in  the last 200 years. We are using a combination of population genomic, gene expression and ecological experiments to address questions about the repeatability of evolution as a result of human activities.

Madagascan micro-endemics

Madagascar’s floral is incredibly diverse and many species have very restricted ranges. Using population genetic data, we are investigating whether these micro-endemics have always been rare or if their narrow ranges are a reflection of human impact on the environment.

Genomics on the go!

Identifying plant species can be difficult when they are in flower, let alone when the have been illegally harvested for timber or food. In collaboration with Joe Parker, we have been developing methods to identify species rapidly, in the field using portable DNA sequencing technology.